Amo bistrot

'A strong connection with art'

AMO Bistrot was created inside Palazzo Forti in the city's historic centre, which in recent years has been home to the AMO 'Arena Museo Opera'. This strong link with art is also found within the spaces that house our bistrot.
The Halls
In the atmosphere and setting of the different rooms, each with its own character and particular details, as well as in the outdoor cloisters that come to life in the warmer months and become the scene of the most varied and colourful events, exhibitions and displays.
The kitchen
In our kitchen, we wanted tradition and innovation to meet in a new mix of flavours and sensory experiences. The proposal consists of quality dishes and dishes: intense flavours, fragrances of home food that are mixed in perfect harmony with tastes from faraway countries, in a menu that fuses Italy and the Orient and gives life to the purest and most boundless love of cooking.
Dinners and aperitifs that are meant to be a perfect time for sharing, interesting yet fun dishes to be discovered one dish at a time. A visit to us becomes an opportunity to experience a contemporary space where design and comfort combine with the pleasures of the kitchen.
The Amo Bistrot restaurant is part of Luca Gambaretto's Doitbettergroup, which is present in Verona with Ristorante Maffei, Oblò and precisely Amo Bistrot.